Famous for its Gurudwaras, Temples and Mosques, Sirhind is the place that beholds the emblems of different religion's mythological sagas.' The Fatehgarh Sahib also called Sirhind is a prominent pilgrimage spot for Sikhs, located in Fatehgarh Sahib district of Punjab. It is also famous for a Muslim saint called Muzzajuddin Al Sani's tomb and a sanctified Sikh Gurudwara named a FatehgarhGurudwara. Therefore, due to its cultural, historical and religious significances, Sirhind is frequented by thousands of tourists or devotees every


GurudwaraJyotiSarup: GurudwaraJyotiSarup is at about 1 Km distance from Fatehgarh Sahib on Sirhind - Chandigarh road. In this place the mortal remains of Mata Gujri (the mother of Guru Gobind) and the two younger sons of Guru Gobind (Fateh Singh and Zorawar Singh) were cremated.

GurudwaraShaheedGanj: It is located just half a kilometer from GurudwaraFatehgarh Sahib. It honors the martyrdom of those Sikhs who were murdered by the cruel Mughals. It is said that forty cartloads of heads of martyr Sikhs, were cremated.

Rauza Sharif: On the road to Sirhind-BassiPathana, near GurudwaraFatehgarh Sahib is the wonderful Rauza or Dargah of Sheikh Ahmad FaruqiSirhindi who was commonly known as Mujaddid Alf-Isfani, lived in the reigns of Akbar and Jahangir from 1563-1624.

Tomb of Nabis at Bras: The tomb of Nabis is situated at a distance of 20 kms from Fatehgarh Sahib headquarters . It is believed thirteen Nabis (favourites of Allah) are buried here.

Das NamiAkhara: This religious place is located near the Dargah of Baba SalarPir. Das NamiAkhara commemorates the memory of Baba HarditGiri, who was a great saint. Yearly congregations are held here for three days i.e. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Diwali. On Monday, a BHANDARA is held on a large scale and Preachers convey religious sermons to the people.

Mata Chakreshwari Devi Jain Temple: Mata Chakreshvri Devi Jain Temple is said to be 1000 years old and is located in village Attewali on Sirhind-Chandigarh Road . The divine powers of the Malta Chakreshwari Devi have been illustrated very nicely on one of the walls of the temple, through excellent glass work in a magnificent style. The fountain of water has been transformed into a small well and big temple of Lord Adinath is under construction on this place. Even now, the water of this tank is held blessed by the devotees and they carry home to preserve the same considering it as sacred as the water of Ganga.

SantNamdev Temple at BassiPathana: SantNamdev, a proponent of Bhakti Marg (way to worship God), stayed here for a significant period and preached Bhakti Marg to the people of the region. He moved from this place to other areas of the Punjab for spreading his spiritual messages.

Mosque of Sadhana Kasai at Sirhind: This mosque is located in the northwest of Sirhind-Ropar Railway Line, close to level crossing. The mosque is under the power of Archaeology Department. The mosque is made up of `Sirhindi Bricks' and its paintings are of `T' art.

Haveli Todar Mal: The Haveli Todar Mal (One amongst 9 gems in Akbar's Reign) is also famous as Jahaz Haveli, located on the eastern side of Sirhind - Ropar Railway Line which is just 1 KM away from Fatehgarh Sahib. The Haveli made of Sirhindi bricks and it is the place where DiwanTodar Mal resided.


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